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Testing Of Potency For Cannabinoids And Its Training

Cannabis is also called marijuana, and it has made it to each human civilization. This has been used as a medicine and also as a material for the recreational purpose. Cannabis is considered as an illegal drug across many countries. This is now being used as a completely legal substance and has changed the landscape from illegal to a very much legal material. This is now used in commercial ways and has had a lot of economic impacts. There are various types of cannabis, and people need to check the potency before buying the product. The potency test should, therefore, be accurate as many patients depend on this for medical reasons.

Cannabinoid potency and levels

There are many methods to test cannabis potency. These are used for testing the power of the material and the quality too. The test makes you sure that it is safe for consumers who need it for different purposes. Cannabis potency testing is required to be conducted in each of the states. The results show the levels of CBD and also the THC in each of the products. This test also gives the level of CBD in the marijuana plants too. The cannabis is made of more than 500 chemicals, and the ones that are tested are the Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC), Cannabinol or CBN, Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

Reasons why tests are done

The criteria or potency level helps the growers and the processors of Cannabis. This test also help the dispensaries and the laboratories where they work with this substance. The test gives the potency level of each sample and different strains. Testing helps in proper labeling of the material. The labeling is required for using marijuana as a medicine and also when it is used for the clear recreational purpose. Some tests quantitatively find the potency of the cannabinoid substances and these are Gas Chromatography and the Liquid Chromatography.

Liquid Chromatography Potency Analysis

The chemists use this liquid chromatography test instruments that work with ultraviolet wavelength detector called Diode Array Detector or DAD to find the potency of the Cannabinoids. The test called HPCL and its tools are used to test cannabis edibles and mostly the liquid samples at room temperature. These instruments identify the THC acid and the CBD acid.

Gas Chromatography Potency Analysis

This test is performed with Gas Chromatography system, and the test uses a Flame Ionization Detector (GC/FID). The samples are taken with autosampler, and the concentration of decarboxylated THC and CBD are found. This method is preferred as it is fast and straightforward.

Training and testing

Some institutes offer training on the different use of instruments that are done in the lab for cannabis potency testing. These are ideal for people who are experienced with different lab equipment and have a suitable degree focusing on Chemistry. The institutes give hands-on training and help in learning operation of the apparatus and various testing methods. They also learn to troubleshoot some issues with the testing methods. Cannabis is a substance that is now used for the legal purpose, and the training programs vary from state to state. The teaching methods may also vary. You must take up the training if you are interested in the lab testing methods.