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Make the Switch to Better Your Health

When you find yourself at the mercy of nicotine addiction, it may be difficult to find a solution that will help you quit for good. You may have tried patches, gums, and other methods in the past but they never seemed to work well enough to keep you away from your fags. Fortunately, there is a new option that recently became popular across the world and it is taking the smoking scene by storm. Today, more and more people choose to switch from traditional tobacco products to e-cigs, or electronic cigarettes. These devices allow you to enjoy the nicotine your body craves without any of the damaging effects associated with traditional options. The fact that you can get e-liquid with various nicotine percentages has made switching simpler for many smokers, and there are more than a few health advantages included in such a switch.

 No Ash

E-cigs work by heating e-liquids to their boiling point, producing a vapour that you inhale. Due to the fact that this is not done through combustion, there is no ash production. When you switch, you can completely do away with your ash dish and get that unpleasant smell out of your flat. The difference will be immediate and friends and family alike will find your home a little more inviting without the smell. The fact that these devices do not use combustion also means they are not included in recent anti-smoking laws that prohibit smoking in public buildings. Although there are a few establishments that have begun to ban this option as well, you still have a far wider range of areas in which you can comfortably smoke.


Premium electronic cigarette cartridges come in a wide range of flavours and nicotine concentrations. If you smoke two packs a day, you can get a cartridge with a large percentage of nicotine to help ease the transition. This frequent habit will immediately become easier on your budget due to the lower cost of e-liquid, too. When you first make the switch, it may help to buy traditional flavours you know, such as menthol, but you should try to branch out once you complete the process. There are literally thousands of flavour combinations you can create, meaning you can enjoy a different flavour every week. Getting your dose of nicotine as you slowly wean yourself off should taste as good as it feels.



There are some 7,000 chemicals found in a fag, and 70 of them have been proven to be carcinogenic. When you switch to an e-cig, you completely do away with these chemicals and give yourself the opportunity to safely reduce your nicotine intake. Similar to any addiction, you should slowly reduce your nicotine concentration over time. With time and patience, you should be able to enjoy the pleasant flavour and safety of an e-cig without any nicotine. The simple act of using the device should eventually be enough to keep you calm during busy and stressful days. After just a few weeks of using this device, your lungs will show serious improvement. After a year, your chances of lung cancer will have dropped by nearly 50%. The only step left will be to wean yourself off nicotine and regain control of your life. You deserve the chance to get out of nicotine’s hold and e-cigs can help you achieve that goal.