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How to Stay Sun Safe While Exercise Outdoors

Just because the summer months are coming to an end doesn’t mean that the dangers of sun exposure are gone. In fact, overcast weather can often be the most damaging to your skin.

If you are looking to take your exercise outdoors to take advantage of the more moderate weather and temperatures, below is a guide on how you can stay sun safe as you workout.

Know your limits

If you are used to completing your workout routine in a lovely air conditioned environment then you need to think about adjusting your limits. For example, any humidity in the air is going to affect how well you can breathe and how flexible your muscles can be. With this in mind, the first few sessions that you complete outside may need to be reduced to allow your body and your mind to adjust.

Wear the Right Gear

Just because the sun’s rays aren’t beaming down doesn’t mean that there isn’t a serious risk of UV damage. With this in mind, be sure to wear these items:

A hat

When it comes to your hat, the wider the brim, the better. You may also find one with neck protection


The best kind is going to be coated with UV protection. The Groupon Coupons page for Oakley has some great options that can protect you as you work out.


It can be tempting to go for a run or lift some weights in nothing more than short running shorts and a tank top. As comfortable as this outfit maybe, it isn’t the most protective. At the least, wear a purpose designed shirt and some long and loose workout pants.

Stay Hydrated!

You will exert a lot more energy exercising outdoors then you will in a climate controlled environment. With this in mind, always have a water bottle close by and always stay mindful of your hydration levels. If you feel your body calling out for water or a sports drink, quench the thirst!


Just because you can’t see the danger doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Sunscreen is an important part of any sun safety checklist and shouldn’t be ignored. Head to your local drugstore or supermarket and pick up some sunscreen which offers a high level of UV protection. If you plan to exercise in water, remember to buy one which is water resistant and remember to reapply when you get out.

Know Yourself

You know your body and you know your own limits, to stay aware of them and don’t push yourself too far. If you find that you are becoming exhausted quicker than normal, attribute it to the change in workout environment and ease your way into the new routine instead of pushing yourself too far and causing damage to your muscles and your progress.

Just like any type of workout in any environment, common sense can save you from a lot of pain and a lot of injuries. If you feel like you are going too far or are causing damage, stop.