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Guide to the Off-Season Dosage of NandroloneDecanoate 300mg

NandroloneDecanoate, which is commonly known in the world of bodybuilding as Deca-Durabolin or just Durabolin is basically an injection. It is available in 200 mg dosage strength for medical treatments. This prescription-only controlled drug was used to treat ailments like renal insufficiency and anemia. This is a top-rated drug and is used for gaining strength and power by the bodybuilders. This drug has been banned in the US. Its use has been discontinued due to the number of side effects it causes. When you talk about 300mg NandroloneDecanoate, it is commonly available in the black market and other underground labs. This dosage is not recommended for beginners. Even if you are not a beginner, you should be aware of its dosage, as high dosage can cause severe side effects and adverse reactions.

The off-season dose

Most of the bodybuilders use the steroid Durabolin in the off-season of the bulking cycles in order to promote the growth of their muscles. In these off-seasons, it can prove to be really beneficial. A dosage of 300 to 400mg a week during this period is enough. In here, you need to take an injection each week. If you want to boost the efficiency of the steroid, then it is advised that you split the dose into two equal smaller doses of injections in a week. If you can tolerate this dose without any side effects, then eventually you can increase the dose. Practically, it is not required to go for higher doses. Normally, a 300mg/ml preparation of Nandrolone Decanoate is the highest dose ever produced commercially till date.

Mechanism of action

Like any other steroid, before you start taking NandroloneDecanoate 300, always have a clear idea about how it will work on your body. This is applicable both in terms of positive and negative effects. Medically it has been noted that such androgen receptors are found in the responsive tissues like bone, muscle, genitalia and prostate. Its ability to bind with the androgen receptors prompts a number of androgenic activities and leads to the development of the sex characters in men. It is also known to check the manufacturing and secretion of the luteinizing hormone. In women, it is responsible for stimulating and producing hormones like progestin, estrogen and estradiol. Durabolin also promotes the production of red blood cells. This helps to transport oxygen and other vital nutrients in the body and ultimately aids in the growth of muscles and bones.

The review

If you go through the reviews about this drug, you would notice that it is known to possess moderate anabolic properties and lower androgenic properties. Though its estrogenic activity is low, there are chances of certain unpleasant effects. But the influence of these side effects on each individual is dependent on a lot of factors like diet, weight, type and duration of workout, age, genetic composition and usage of other drugs. When used for medical reasons, it can offer you a number of benefits. While deciding on the dosage, you should remember that a 300mg/ml of Nandrolone Decanoate, is so far the highest dose ever for commercial use.