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Beef Jerky – Benefits and Reasons to Include It in the Diet

Today, everyone wants to have a healthy diet. However, the sad part is that everyone wants to eat healthy meal but only a few people know what a healthy diet looks like. A few of the diet plan suggest cutting down on carbs while a few suggest having fat in place of carbs. It doesn’t matter which diet plan you choose for yourself, one thing that is going to be consistent with every diet-plan is the right intake of protein.

Beef jerky is not any regular snack but a protein-packed meal in itself. There are alternatives available if you do not like beef. However, know that if protein intake were your main goal then beef would be the best option.

Here are a few benefits of meat jerky:

Low if calorie and fat

Those who are struggling with excessive weight know how difficult it can be to consume healthy food that is less in calories. Meat jerky is low in fat and calories due to the process in which it is made. The fat in the beef tends to drip off and when you fry it and after drying, it has a fewer calories but delicious taste.

Convenient to cook

Once jerky is made, it becomes a ready-to-go food. You just have to munch on it. There are not many snacks available in the market, which are tasty and healthy too. Thus, jerky makes an awesome, tasty and convenient snack.

High in protein

Jerky is full of nutrition. A majority of the nutrition is protein, which is again not something you get in most of the food items. When you are dieting or trying to shed some excessive pound, your body demands for more protein. Jerky makes an awesome snack. It’s filling, tasty and healthy.

Although, jerky makes one of the best snacks for people on diet, there are a few downsides of it too. For example, it is rick in sodium and is expensive too. However, the good news is that you can always control the sodium intake by eating jerky in moderation. Eat it with some raw veggies without salt and you have balanced it well.

If you are worried about the price then it’s all the mind game. Yes, a packet of jerky would be a little costly. But, it is filling, which means you will be full in just one packet. No need to buy 10 different snacks. One packet of jerky would do. Now, do you still think that the price is expensive?