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Anavar for Bodybuilding

The chemical name of Anavar is Oxandrolone SPA. That is why it is commonly known as Oxandrolone. In Milan Italy there is a manufacturer called Societa Produtti Antibiotica. Anavar by them is considered as the original anabolic steroid which contains Oxandrolone and sold throughout UK and Europe. One package of Anavar usually contains 30 tablets and its pill form is popular. If power lifters and weightlifters are looking out for gaining strength but not weight and are not competing in higher weight class then Oxandrolone is best for them.

Anavar is derived from the compound known as DHT and there are many other anabolic steroids that are derived from the same source. Hence, Anavar will cause the side effects of such steroids. Anavar is mainly used as a cutting cycle steroid to help lose fat and preserve muscles. It helps burn fat effectively and helps users to maintain a lean physique. Anavar is used by bodybuilders.

There cannot be a standard both in terms of dosages and stack when it comes to Anavar cycle. But to achieve best results from any Anavar cycle one can follow few guidelines. Anavar is usually used in cutting cycles to achieve weight loss. Since it also poses anabolic nature it is also utilized to maintain muscle gains.

Men can use higher doses of Anavar but women cannot. But few side effects of Anavar usually affect men. So, one should be aware of side effects, dosage, results before going for Anavar.

Even in case of women, Anavar has very mild effects if used responsibly. They can use 10 mg of Anavar daily and not more than this. Equipose is an anabolic steroid which can be combined with Anavar for better results. One can also add testosterone for the same cycle at the base to enhance the results. Testosterone 150 mg can be used here and not more than this.

Since there will not be any conversion into estrogen and Anavar does not aromatize, there will not be any water retention in joints when used in cutting cycles. That is why Anavar is suitable for men to use.

Anavar Diet Plan

It is a generic feeling like people who use steroids will expect to see the result fast, even like retaining water in body. But Anavar doesn’t seem to be so, that is why people think that Var is not so effective. That is why people are so tempted to use it even after six weeks of use, which is not advisable. Also if user is first time user and doesn’t want to get much of side effects like hair loss or body hair or toughening of skin Var may be best option. Anavar can give impressive results if followed with an effective diet plan.  It cuts the hard fat and also improves the strength and efficiency.

When we consider anabolic steroids, majority of them are harmful for females since they cause negative and harsh effects on their body the common side effect being masculine characteristic development in them. This type of negative effect will result in losing their femininity. But compared to other steroids, Anavar is really mild and results in few side effects.